Sameness & Difference features Ruth Pastine’s Red Green and Yellow Violet Series paintings that engage the vertical rectangular format of the canvas. In each series of seven panels, Pastine advances her minimalist color-field work through rigorous formal systems that engage the admixture of opposing complementary hues in optically seamless gradients. Challenging our preconceptions, Pastine investigates the immateriality of matter, the subtle character and nuance of color, and the ethereality of light.  Pastine reveals an optically dematerialized surface, further questioning the visual experience and redefines the perceptual field.


Bentley Gallery
215 E Grant Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044


Luminesce: Red Green at Nathan Larramendy Gallery:
September 4 to October 24, 2004

Expedition: Yellow Violet at Bentley Gallery:
May 15 to June 15, 2003


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