Convergence features Ruth Pastine’s Primary Red Blue Series that engage the iconic structure of the square, vertical, and horizontal canvas. Pastine’s minimalist works address phenomena of color perception and examine the relationship between materiality and immateriality through the sensual presence of surface and the ethereality of light. Pastine explores the dichotomy of opposition through seamless hand-painted surfaces of brilliant and bold saturated hues, which paradoxically appear to optically dissipate and pulse towards their edges. Challenging our preconceptions, Pastine explores the subtle character and nuance of opposing complementary hues within the seamless continuum. Pastine’s manipulation of color, light, and matter questions the perceptual experience and redefines the visual field.


Gallery Sonja Roesch
2309 Caroline Street
Houston, TX 77004

Brian Gross Fine Art
248 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


Ever Present at Gallery Sonja Roesch:
May 10 to July 5, 2008

Convergence at Brian Gross Fine Art:
April 3 to May 17, 2008

Black Light at Nathan Larramendy Gallery:
April 14 – May 26, 2007


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