Immaterial Matters features Ruth Pastine’s Primary Red Blue Series which examines the relationship between materiality and immateriality through the subtle gradations of primary and complementary color systems. With the introduction of deeply beveled canvases that liberate the painted surface from traditional supports, Pastine’s current iteration of painting brings the work into the realm of light and space. The tonal modulations are now enhanced by an ethereal quality, and investigate the dialogue between object, presence, and phenomena. Pastine describes her work and methodology as “focused on the spontaneous process of painting, and my awe in transforming the materiality of the painted surface into an optically immaterial and sensual experience.” Within the layers of Immaterial Matters exists a dichotomy between structure and unpredictability, which informs the tension and content of the work. The duality between passion and control is represented in the seamless hand-painted surfaces of delicately shifting fields of opposing values and hues, the perceptual interplay between brilliantly saturated and more nuanced color experiences.


Brian Gross Fine Art
248 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


September 8 to October 29, 2011


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