Ernst & Young installation 1b
Ernst & Young installation 2
Ernst & Young installation 3
Ernst & Young installation 4
Ernst & Young installation 5
Ernst & Young installation 6
Ernst & Young installation 7
Ernst & Young installation 8

“LIMITLESS” Installation

“Limitless” 2009, Blue Orange Series and Red Green Series by Ruth Pastine was commissioned by Brookfield Properties for Ernst & Young Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. The project is comprised of eight large-scale vertical paintings and features four paintings from the Blue Orange Series installed in the North lobby, and four works from the Red Green Series sited in the South atrium lobby. Each quartet of four paintings are installed as two diptych pairs sited on the two main center walls in each space. Pastine states, “I was inspired to work with the monumentality of the architecture and the symmetry of the two adjoining lobbies that have identical structural elevations, but are illuminated by opposing natural light exposures. The North lobby is bathed in a cool light where I sited the four paintings from the Blue Orange Series, and the Southern atrium lobby is lit by a warm light which dictated the selection of the Red Green Series. I wanted to create a sense of reciprocity between the monumentality and symmetry of the architecture and the artwork, bringing greater awareness to abstract qualities inherent in the paintings by engaging scale, symmetry, asymmetry, and a sensation of expansion and closure through the dynamic installation of the work and the perceptual interplay and flow of color and light between the paintings. The project opened in December, 2009.


Ernst & Young Plaza
725 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017


December, 2009


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